The Semifinalists

Congratulations to our semifinalists!

Below are the ten Heroes from each category who received the most votes. From this list of semifinalists, our judges will choose the Jewish Community Hero of the Year and four other honorees to receive Heroes grants, and these selections will be announced on December 7th. Sign up for the Heroes email list to be sure you are the first to know who this year's Jewish Community Hero is.

Career Heroes

Dovid Loloyan Jewish Hero

Dovid Loloyan

Los Angeles, California

Tessa Gerall Jewish Hero

Tessa Gerall

Houston, Texas

Rabbi Aaron Slonim Jewish Hero

Rabbi Aaron Slonim

Binghamton, New York

Manis Friedman Jewish Hero

Manis Friedman

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Hart Levine Jewish Hero

Hart Levine

New York, New York

Joel Marcovitch Jewish Hero

Joel Marcovitch

Athens, Georgia

Josh Broide Jewish Hero

Josh Broide

Boca Raton, Florida

Andrew Borans Jewish Hero

Andrew Borans

Indianapolis, Indiana

Maxine Brand Jewish Hero

Maxine Brand

Davenport, Iowa

Elliot Mathias Jewish Hero

Elliot Mathias

Livingston, New Jersey

Volunteer Heroes

Daniel (Igor) Branovan Jewish Hero

Daniel (Igor) Branovan

Livingston, New Jersey

Randy Gold Jewish Hero

Randy Gold

Atlanta, Georgia

Lori Marton Jewish Hero

Lori Marton

Lawrence, New York

Shana Erenberg Jewish Hero

Shana Erenberg

Chicago, Illinois

Leah Rubashkin Jewish Hero

Leah Rubashkin

Monsey, New York

Jenine Shwekey Jewish Hero

Jenine Shwekey

Long Branch, New Jersey

Jake Goodman Jewish Hero

Jake Goodman

Brooklyn, New York

Marly Silverman Jewish Hero

Marly Silverman

Coral Gables, Florida

Shalom Klein Jewish Hero

Shalom Klein

Skokie, Illinois

Tamara Rubin Jewish Hero

Tamara Rubin

Portland, Oregon