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Shalom Klein Jewish Hero

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Shalom Klein

Skokie, Illinois

How is your Hero working to make the world a better place?

In the past year, Shalom is responsible for finding jobs for nearly 100 Chicagoans and helping thousands of small business owners dealing with underemployment and financial challenges. As the founder and chairman of Jewish B2B Networking, Shalom spends his days, and most of his nights, making connections for small businesses in the Chicago Jewish community — you might say he was born to schmooze. Thousands of people have attended and benefited from his regular programming, including most recently “The Business Event,” a free business and employment expo which drew over 3,000 attendees.

Unemployment. Underemployment. Business losses. Overwhelming medical bills. Threat of foreclosure or eviction. The weak economy has left thousands of Jewish families short of cash for essentials such as mortgage or rent, food, medicine and utilities. And with over 13 million Americans out of work, Shalom, who, with a background in finance works for his family’s accounting firm, recognized a growing crisis in the community and refused to sit idly by knowing he could do something to help.

How has your Hero impacted your life and inspired you?

Shalom answered the call of JUF’s J-Help initiative — which provides additional funds to JUF-supported agencies and programs faced with the swelling demand for their services — by joining the Jewish Vocational Services executive committee.  He is chairing the agency’s most important event to help the unemployed and underemployed. Shalom serves on JUF’s Government Affairs committee and on Senator Mark Kirk’s small business advisory board and is participating in President Obama’s symposium on job creation. Shalom is the kind of driven lay leader that makes things happen, and he inspires us to look for find unique solutions to our community’s problems.