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Melvyn Gottlieb Jewish Hero

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Melvyn Gottlieb

Jacksonville, Florida

How is your Hero working to make the world a better place?

Mel helped Jewish Family and Community Services find a new location when they had outgrown theirs, helped build the new building and oversaw the construction to ensure costs were reasonable. He gives generously to anything Jewish and quietly helps those in need in ways that respect their dignity and privacy. His more than 200 employees have all got stories to tell. He hires folks, pays for their training and as long as they are willing to work and want a better life he helps them. Mel has programs such as weight watchers and yoga and other exercise classes right in the building and provides healthy food choices such as cereals, fresh fruit, whole grain breads and other options for his employees. He understands that many benefit from this food security assistance. He has provided significant funds to the local Jewish day school for scholarships and programming. He started the B'nai Tzedek youth philanthropy program and remains its sponsor. He got involved in helping start a program to provide new clothing to the homeless, Dignity You Wear, and it is now national. Also was involved in helping homeless families find affordable housing and get their lives back on track. His generosity to the Jewish community and those in need is endless. When his son passed at 32 tragically Mel and his wife created a Foundation that helps parents who are very sick that have children 17 or younger, to have an Orlando Florida family experience so they will have happy memories. He has been a financial benefactor to the Jewish Community Foundation for fifteen years. JCF is located in his corporate building. JCF helps the entire Jewish community by helping donors create legacy plans to fund endowments for Jewish causes. Mel's wife Debbie is involved in many of his charitable efforts. She is in the photo with him.

How has your Hero impacted your life and inspired you?

Mel is a brilliant business man who is also interested in helping those in need. He doesn't have to, he doesn't do it for recognition, he is humble. He has received so many community awards it would be hard to name them all here. He inspires me. As a person who moved here alone I have seen his kindness as he and his family have welcomed me into their home for holidays so that I am never alone. He is a tzaddik, one who gives generously, works tirelessly and cares deeply.

What type of work does your Hero do?