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Marly Silverman Jewish Hero

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Marly Silverman

Coral Gables, Florida

How is your Hero working to make the world a better place?

Nearly 20-million Americans suffer with Neuro-Endocrine Immune diseases. For at least 25% of these patients, a diagnosis means permanent disability and little hope. But, Marly Silverman, creator of PANDORA has been determined to change all that. Marly Silverman began PANDORA in 2002, but has worked for those impacted by NEIDs since 1999. In that time, Marly has constantly and consistently addressed the issues that affect the life of persons diagnosed with NEIDs. Through PANDORA, Marly is working to create some of the first treatment centers for NEIDs. In addition, Marly created the Walk In My Shoes(tm) Campaign to raise awareness and garner much needed funding for research and a cure. Marly has also been instrumental in patient advocacy and government research. Marly is a member of the steering committee for the Coalition4MECFS, a group of organizations dedicated to influence our health national policy for ME/CFS. When she is not advocating, Marly supports those who suffer the most. Her latest initiative is a program which will support the sickest of patients by sending them cards and packages during hard times.

How has your Hero impacted your life and inspired you?

Marly has worked to make an invisible population visible. Her tireless efforts have given many very sick people, and their loved ones, hope. For 20-million Americans, she is our hero.

What type of work does your Hero do?

Health, nutrition, and basic needs , Other, Social justice