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Manis Friedman Jewish Hero

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Manis Friedman

Saint Paul, Minnesota

How is your Hero working to make the world a better place?

Rabbi Manis Friedman is a Chabad rabbi living in S. Paul, MN.
In 1971, Rabbi Friedman and his wife Chana moved to Minnesota from New York to work with local Jewish families to bolster their knowledge and awareness of Jewish values and culture.
He co-founded Bais Chana. Bais Chana was a brilliant and revolutionary institution when it opened, servicing the educational, emotional and religious needs of college age women who had not had the opportunity to study their religion in their youth. Rabbi Friedman has taught and guided thousands of women and girls over the last 40 years. Last year, Bais Chana was voted #2 in the world for non-profits empowering women, by GuideStar and Great NonProfits.
In 1990, Rabbi Friedman published a book "Doesn't anyone blush anymore: Reclaiming intimacy, modesty and sexuality." An endorsement from Bob Dylan helped promote this guidebook to marriage and relationships and the book and since become a staple for newlyweds and couples seeking sanity and sanctity in their lives.
Rabbi Friedman's book, CD's, videos and MP3s have inspired countless listeners and readers worldwide. The Rabbi also hosted his own critically-acclaimed TV show, "Torah Forum."
Traveling frequently to lecture and counsel, Rabbi Friedman has devoted the vast majority of his time to his mission of bringing spirituality, understanding and the Chabad perspective of intellectual mysticism to as many people as he possibly can. He spends days and nights on the phone, listening, counseling, caring and sharing with the many, many people who seek out his advice on myriad issues.
Rabbi Friedman has saved hundreds, perhaps thousands of marriages, families and literally lives from the destructive forces of ignorance, despair and disinterest. They are impossible to count for truly, wherever he goes and whenever you see him, he is always at work with someone, somewhere.

How has your Hero impacted your life and inspired you?

Rabbi Friedman has taught me the art of learning from the Torah. I had, and have, never met someone like Rabbi Friedman who unabashedly promotes the Torah and her wisdom as central not only to faith and spirituality but to life itself and all its mundane issues. He has taught me to find therapy, psychology, medicine, intimacy, child-raising, national security solutions and so much more - all in the Torah. He speaks proud and loud of the need for Jews to carry their chosen people badge with pride, with confidence and with devotion.
Simply put, he has taught be to be a better husband, a better father, a better businessman, a better friend and a better son - all because he has taught me how to be a better, prouder Jew.