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Jennifer Chau Jewish Hero

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Jennifer Chau

New York City, New York

How is your Hero working to make the world a better place?

Jen has started SWIRL; a national multi-ethnic organization that challenges society's notions of race through community building, education, and action. Through reading circles, panels, podcasts, conversations, meet-ups, and endless other activates, Jen works to create dialogue and educate the community on mixed race identity. She holds her role as an educator with humility and integrity. Strongly identifying with her Jewish roots, she brings new perspectives to the ever-changing face of Judaism, in order to make sure that it stays current to the needs of Jews across the world. Jen is a true mentor. She mentors young women in the Bronx, and always makes time to engage in conversation with people to push them to find their truth. Through informal conversations, Jen brings humility, but also strong perspectives to push others to push themselves. Through formal conversations, Jen presents her perspective with grace and conviction. She makes herself available for people join this dialogue on their own level, only making them uncomfortable to the level at which they are able to push themselves in their evolving understanding of what racial and cultural identity is about. Jen shares her story, creating space for other's people stories to feel less isolated.

How has your Hero impacted your life and inspired you?

Jen has been a mentor to me for over six years. She has always supported me in my growth, and has given me space to both make mistakes and grow in the ways that feel authentic to me. She has pushed me to see things in new ways, and has loved and supported me when I have been at my most vulnerable. She has supported me in my Jewish identity when far from home, and the traditions that I grew up with to find my own way to navigate being a Jew as an adult.

What type of work does your Hero do?

Jewish education, identity, and culture, Other, Social justice