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Hart Levine Jewish Hero

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Hart Levine

New York, New York

How is your Hero working to make the world a better place?

Every week hundreds of Jews are left on the shabbat meal sidelines. Unaffiliated, unconnected, uninspired these people lose out on the Shabbat experience week after week. Hart believes that no Jew should be left out. Heart to Heart is an infrastructure, on college campuses, to connect Jews and enable them to build their own communities across the Shabbat table. The collaborative community created by Heart to Heart ripples through the campus and makes a lasting impression on the participants. Heart to Heart turns outreach into relationship building and replaces professionals with peers.

How has your Hero impacted your life and inspired you?

Hart has inspired me to take action. I recently moved to a new city and did not find the environment suited my needs. After multiple conversations with Hart, hearing his insights and drawing from his experience we began to build a new model and expand the great work being done on campuses, to life just afterwards.

What type of work does your Hero do?

Jewish education, identity, and culture, Youth