The Nominees | Jewish Heroes 2011


Try as we might, not every nominee could be neatly fit into a category. The nominees you'll find here are trailblazing their own paths.

Number of Other nominees: 75

Shana Erenberg Jewish Hero

Shana Erenberg

Chicago, Illinois

Shana works tirelessly to enable Jews with disabilities live independent, productive meaningful lives as respected members of the community.

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Tessa Gerall Jewish Hero

Tessa Gerall

Houston, Texas

Tessa put her own life on hold to care for the 3 orphaned children of her friends Joshua & Robin Berry, both killed in a car crash.

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Judith Sloan Jewish Hero

Judith Sloan

Queens, New York, New York

human rights activist, oral historian, actor, writer, radio producer, educator, poet, co-founder of EarSay dedicated to sharing voices often

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Robin Richman Jewish Hero

Robin Richman

Chicago/Washington DC, Illinois

Creator of Do Good Adventures which engages people in ways that support values & enhances connections through fun &meaningful experiences

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Daniel Ratner Jewish Hero

Daniel Ratner

Rockville, Maryland

Enthusiastic and Generous Community Leader and Family Man in Rockville Aish Community

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Peter Freimark Jewish Hero

Peter Freimark

Moreland Hills, Ohio

Peter considers he is here to do" Work", and does that 24/7, helping others.

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Sony Perlman Jewish Hero

Sony Perlman

New Hempstead, New York

Sony Perlman has been working tirelessly with struggling teenagers for 14 years. He has sacrificed to save many lives.

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Ellen Beck M.D. Jewish Hero

Ellen Beck M.D.

San Diego, California

Established a national model program: teaching students to provide respectful, quality health services free to thousands of underserved.

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Connie Burk Jewish Hero

Connie Burk

Seattle, Washington

With profound passion, intelligence, humor & determination, Connie advocates to create safe, loving, empowered & accountable communities.

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Zechariah Mehler Jewish Hero

Zechariah Mehler

New York, New York

Zechariah helps drive the kosher world by constantly raising awareness.

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