The Nominees | Jewish Heroes 2011

Health, nutrition, and basic needs

The following nominees ensure the hungry are fed, see to it that the sick receive treatment, and strive to provide the less fortunate with the care they need. 

Number of Health, nutrition, and basic needs nominees: 101

Shana Erenberg Jewish Hero

Shana Erenberg

Chicago, Illinois

Shana works tirelessly to enable Jews with disabilities live independent, productive meaningful lives as respected members of the community.

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Jenine Shwekey Jewish Hero

Jenine Shwekey

Long Branch, New Jersey

A selfless and unusually caring person who has dedicated her life to special children.

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Tessa Gerall Jewish Hero

Tessa Gerall

Houston, Texas

Tessa put her own life on hold to care for the 3 orphaned children of her friends Joshua & Robin Berry, both killed in a car crash.

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Judith Sloan Jewish Hero

Judith Sloan

Queens, New York, New York

human rights activist, oral historian, actor, writer, radio producer, educator, poet, co-founder of EarSay dedicated to sharing voices often

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Zev Zelenko Jewish Hero

Zev Zelenko

Monroe, New York

Dr. Zelenko, a family practice phsician, serves his adopted community.

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Peter Freimark Jewish Hero

Peter Freimark

Moreland Hills, Ohio

Peter considers he is here to do" Work", and does that 24/7, helping others.

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Dr. David Silverstein Jewish Hero

Dr. David Silverstein

St Petersburg, Florida

He is one of the most dedicated friendly knowlegible approachable doctor I have ever worked with he is a real hero to me.

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Ellen Beck M.D. Jewish Hero

Ellen Beck M.D.

San Diego, California

Established a national model program: teaching students to provide respectful, quality health services free to thousands of underserved.

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Connie Burk Jewish Hero

Connie Burk

Seattle, Washington

With profound passion, intelligence, humor & determination, Connie advocates to create safe, loving, empowered & accountable communities.

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Michael Cohen Jewish Hero

Michael Cohen

Brooklyn, New York

single handidly started a 1-man chesed organization thats the talk of the town!

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