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2011 Jewish Community Hero of the Year!

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Here are your Semifinalists!

We've counted the votes and the results are in! Read More »

Voting for 2011 Heroes Is Closed

We were thrilled to receive well over 200 thousand votes in this year's Jewish Community Heroes campaign. Your engagement has made the 2011 campaign a success.  Read More »

A Chance to do Great Work

Our Jewish Community Heroes have been making a big difference with their work, but how could being named Hero of the Year impact their efforts? Read More »

Our Inspiration

Our Jewish Community Heoroes have found inspiration for their selfless work in all sorts of places. Read more about the people, places, and experiences that inspire our heroes to make a difference every day. Read More »

Growing up is hard

There's lots about growing up that's hard — like introducing your new significant other to the family. Read More »

Promote your Hero!

Your Hero needs as many votes as possible. Here are some tips on how to promote your Hero on social media. Read More »

Shmuley or Sandy? Dvora or Diane?

Choosing a name for the newest member of the mishpocha is hard – even before your mother-in-law weighs in! Read More »

Happy New Year!

As we start a new year, we also start a new stage in the Jewish Community Heroes campaign. The nominations process closed last night, so the race is on!  Read More »

Vote for your Hero

It's easy! Read More »

Meet the New Heroes Judges!

Following the success of last year's Jewish Community Heroes campaign, we're kicking off the 2011 Heroes search by welcoming our new Judges!  Read More »

Give the Gift of Life!

What happens after you become a Jewish Community Hero? You get to work! Learn about the impact Jay Feinberg and his Gift of Life foundation are making, and how you can help save lives by simply swabbing your cheek. Read More »

Welcome to 2011 Heroes!

After you cast over 300,000 votes last year for dozens of nominees, we decided to carry over all the momentum and excitement into our third annual Jewish Community Heroes campaign. Thanks for stopping back in. Read More »